Budget and Planning

with IBM Planning Analytics

Technova offer business the capability to do multi scenario budget and planning, create a what if analysis, control the unified assumption, rolling forecast and predictive planning.

  • A patented 64-bit read-write in-memory OLAP engine that provides compact data storage and exceptionally fast performance (With its in-memory engine IBM PA able to process huge amount of data with high-speed processing capability)
  • Single platform for financial (and operational planning It’s not just for financial but you can it can be for operational planning such as activity-based budget, workforce planning)
  • Dynamic, near-real-time processes (Data model is fully customizable following business requirement, meanwhile data entry and processing is in real time, whatever change made by one business user will immediately affect other user in same data region)
  • Ability to capture financial and operational data from virtually the entire organization at required levels (Data can be stored at level which required by business.)
  • Integrated reports, dashboards and scorecards (Our solutions enable user to build report easily and instantly. All come within one single platform)
  • Mobile enabled, cloud deployable (User can access IBM PA from mobile phone or tablet by using specific application or through mobile browser. IBM PA can on business owned onpremises infrastructure or on cloud)
  • Extend your investment in your ERP system (The system will not substitute the ERP system, but it means to run side by side with ERP system and extend its functionality)
  • Expandable (The solution can also be utilized as analytic tool, data transformation (OLTP to OLAP), and reporting tool)

Intelligent Planning

with IBM Planning Analytics

As our commitment to innovate and give value added solution to businesses, Technova has successfully developed machine learning module to enriched IBM PA functionalities. The Predictive Analytics, let users generate model and train the model using given historical parameters and then make prediction using powerful and open-source Statistical Algorithm by combining historical model with future data projection. Technova’s Predictive Analytics utilizes XG Boost and Random Forest algorithms.

Build Model Based on Historical Data and Variable

Businesses can determine what data to be predicted and the variable that can affect the business.

Run on the 2 most powerful machine learning algorithm

Our Machine Learning utilizes Random Forest and XGBoost algorithm. This algorithm is known as the most accurate algorithm that was used in Kaggle (world’s most famous Machine Learning community) competition.

Get your view on how external variables affects or correlate with your data.

Get an insight into your data by knowing how external variables affect your business and how you can use this to plan better.

Data-Driven Planning

Make a better decision by utilizing the data and information that you have, not by raw assumption.

Run it Anytime Anywhere

With a press of a button, businesses can easily train (and re-train) the model or predict (and re-predict) using a new set of projections. Businesses can create multi scenarios that can give more insight when it comes to taking a decision.