Financial Consolidation

with CCH Tagetik Consol

Sometime financial consolidation can be much challenging for some companies. It require business to have more control, data integrity and data consistency. It was hard to meet this requirement without proper consolidation tool.

Key Benefit
  1. Give complete control of your company data
  2. Process log that give information of how the system behave
  3. Calculate it your way. The application engine will let business to define its flow and complex rule
  4. Enable audit trails that make easier to audit
Key Capabilities

Consolidation Cockpit

A specific dashboard allows you to monitor each consolidation step and analyze results of the consolidation engine.

Intercompany Cockpit

The IC Cockpit allows you to monitor all transactions, match between entities on a graphical dashboard, define groups of accounts and materiality thresholds.


Perform multiple GAAP consolidation adjustments on the same set of data. All adjustments are stored for easy auditing of IFRS, IAS, local GAAP, US GAAP back to the data source.

Multiple Currencies, Exchange and Interest Rates

No matter how many currencies, levels, entities or regulatory bodies you report to, CCH Tagetik manages all conversion types and processes them in the consolidation currency.

  1. Improve data accuracy and consistency.
  2. Speed up process.
  3. Reduce IT Dependency.
  4. Process driven workflow.

Collaborative Office

with CCH Tagetik Consol

Collaborative office is a solution to help business do the reporting and disclosure. Collaborative office let business user, in this regard the financial analyst to work collaboratively within organization and improve the quality of the output. The ability to connect the narrative and the number will enhance the reporting result and more importantly it will give business more insight.

Key Benefit
  1. Work collaboratively across organization
  2. Report is using near real time data
  3. Integrated with Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, and Ms. Powerpoint
  4. Speed up reporting and disclosure process
  5. Auto Narrative
  6. Integration Ready.
Key Capabilities

Data Governance and Control

With data governance and security, contributors can

Communication Tools

Users collaborate via comments, instant messaging, or email while managers track progress via dashboard.

Create Standard Reporting Templates

Package up formatting, fonts, logos and other standards into templates to ensure consistent usage across the organization. Formats include PDF, PPT, XLS, Word, XML, HTML and more.

Dynamic Numbers and Narrative Across Reports

When a number changes, numeric and narrative dynamically update across all the reports in which they appear.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

Collaborative Office integrates easily with existing systems to incorporate all of the information you need to produce your reports.

Easy Audits

With CCH Tagetik’s audit trail and audit log, track changes every step of the way.

“Collaborative Office will improve report and disclosure result, speed up the creation, give more insight and increase agility”